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Nosefo Tau

NOSEFO Tau is a large safety training centre outside of Stavanger that offers excellent training facilities and highly realistic courses.

Our advanced fire training area provides a unique opportunity to train under realistic conditions and where one of the training objects is fire-fighting with gas under pressure.

We offer a number of theoretical and practical safety and emergency training courses, such as basic offshore safety and emergency training, search and rescue team, HLO, GES freefall lifeboat, conventional lifeboat, FRC/MOB, gas under pressure, first aid, defibrillator, on-scene command and smoke-diving.

Our rig, the North-East Frigg, is located by the water. We received this rig from the Frigg field in 1996. The rig includes a helicopter deck, living quarters, control room, and cellar deck is therefore a multipurpose training facility for fire drills, water survival, first and HLO training. The North-East Frigg is particularly well-suited for training for all of the emergency control team.

The information below is only relevant for those of you attending a course at NOSEFO Tau. For more information about courses at our other training centres please select NOSEFO Bergen or NOSEFO Stavanger.

Our courses are conducted at our training facility in Nordmarka, located on Tau in Strand municipality.

Course times:


How to get here?

Address: Breivikvegen 25, 4120 Tau | Phone: 51 74 06 20 / 05241
(See map for location)

By car

Follow the signs to Røldal through Ryfast-tunnel. After exiting the tunnel, turn right at the roundabout and drive toward Tau. At the next roundabout, continue straight toward Nordmarka Industriområde.


Take bus no. 100 from Stavanger bus station (Byterminalen), lane 6, at 08:00. This bus goes to Solbakk terminal.  

At Solbakk, change to bus no. 130, which goes to Nosefo Tau. The bus leaves Solbakk at 08:33 and arrives in Nordmarka at 08:43. Course participants can disembark at the stop called Nordmarka.

For bus schedules and more information, see this link.

Please note that payment can only be done by cash on board, or using the Kolumbus app called Ticket.

Total travel time is 45 minutes.


Free parking facilities just outside of the training centre.


Our customers and partners can take advantage of favourable hotel deals through NOSEFO.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Contact NOSEFO for information about partner hotels and discount codes.