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NOSEFO Bergen is an indoor safety and emergency training centre with highly modern facilities that are well-suited to realistic drills and demonstrations.

Our operations are subject to strict environmental regulation, and we make great efforts to operate without any environmentally hazardous emissions or run-off.

In Bergen, we can offer a series of theoretical and practical safety and emergency training courses, for example in the areas of fire, sea survival and first aid.

Training can take into account various situations and crisis scenarios that can occur on an offshore installation, ship, or in an industrial building.

We have a large fire-training hall, indoor swimming pool for rescue exercises and helicopter evacuation training (HUET).

The information below is only relevant for those of you attending a course at NOSEFO Bergen. For more information about courses at our other training centres please select NOSEFO Stavanger or NOSEFO Tau.

Course times:


How to get here

Address: Bontelabo 8A, 5003 Bergen | Phone: 55 11 70 00 / 05241
(See map with location)

By car

Follow the signs toward the city centre. The training centre is located just north of the Bryggen pier, at Skoltegrunnskaien.

By bus

Take the airport shuttle, “Flybussen,” to the final stop Radisson Hotel Bryggen. From there, it is an approximately 5-minute walk north through Bergen Fortress. For information about the timetable, see https://www.flybussen.no/?dir=to or call 177.

By taxi

Bergen Airport – NOSEFO (about 25 minutes). Add an extra 15 minutes during rush hour.


Good parking facilities just outside of the building. Use the parking meter.


Our customers and partners can take advantage of favourable hotel deals through NOSEFO.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Contact NOSEFO for information about partner hotels and discount codes.