Nosefo Tau

About Nosefo Tau

NOSEFO Tau is a large training center just outside of Stavanger, fitted with superb training facilities which offer very realistic training courses.

Our advanced fire training area provides a unique opportunity to train under highly realistic conditions where one of the training objects is fire training with gas under high pressure.

We offer a number of theoretical and practical safety and emergency preparedness training courses: basic offshore and emergency preparedness training, fire team, HLO, GES freefall lifeboat, conventional lifeboat, FRC, gas under high pressure, fist aid, defibrillator, on-scene and smoke-diving.

NOSEFO Tau is also in possession of a rig called the North East Frigg, received from the Frigg field in 1996 and used as a training facility.

The rig contains a helicopter deck, living quarters, control room, cellar deck, making it a versatile training object for all kinds of training exercises within fire-fighting, sea survival, first aid, and HLO. The North East Rig is also highly suited to coordinated emergency response training (CERT) for all response teams on board.

We are located in Nordmarka at Tau in Strand municipality. [see map]

Nosefo Tau AS - Approval from Norwegian Maritime Authority. [see pdf]