Nosefo Bergen

NOSEFO Bergen is an indoor safety and emergency preparedness training center, fitted with modern facilities that are well-suited to realistic drills and demonstrations.

Our operations are subject to strict environmental regulations, which we more than fulfil by having zero environmentally hazardous emissions or run-off.

In Bergen, we offer a number of theoretical and practical safety and emergency preparedness training courses: fire training, sea survival and first aid amongst others.

Training can take into account various situations and crises scenarios which can occur on an offshore installation or ship or in an industrial park.

We have a large fire training hall, indoor swimming pool with helicopter evacuation training (HUET) as well as a wind and wave simulator.

We are located in the city center only 5 min. walk north from the pier, Bryggen. [see map]

Nosefo Bergen AS - Approval from Norwegian Maritime Authority 12/06-2013. [see pdf]