Norwegian Center for Offshore Education Foundation

The Norwegian Drilling Association (NBF) was founded in 1972. Participating shipping companies were jointly responsible for ten drilling units. The NBF regarded recruiting, educating and safety of new personnel as among their most important tasks. Many of the NBF members agreed that obtaining a training rig and locating it onshore would best achieve these goals. A training committee was appointed in 1973. On the basis of guarantees from participating shipping companies, a rig was purchased from the USA and installed on leased property belonging to Aker Norsco in Tananger.

In 1975 a contract between the shipping companies and the Royal Norwegian Navy was proposed, specifying that the latter would assume responsibility of the rig???s daily operations (ended 1991). In connection with this contract, the shipping companies that were financing the rig also decided to set up a formal cooperative under the name North Sea Drilltrainer. A cooperative agreement was finalized April 17, 1975, although the agreement was not signed until the following year by the following companies:

  • Arne Blystads Rederi
  • K/S Sverre Ditlev-Simonsen AS
  • K/S Dyvi Drilling A.S.
  • A.S. Farmand Drilling
  • Fearnley & Eger (Fearnley Drilling Exploration AS)
  • K/S Ivaran Drilling AS & Co.
  • Arnt J. M??rlands Rederi
  • Odfjell Drilling and Consulting Co. AS
  • Fred Olsen & Co, Oslo Drilling AS
  • K/S Rasmussen Drilling AS
  • Ross Drilling Co. AS
  • Ugland Shipping Co. AS
  • Wilh. Wilhelmsen
  • Waage Drilling AS
  • Jebsen Drilling AS (AS Kristian Jebsens shipping company) joined the cooperative in 1983.
    Originally, the companies were members of Norsk Boreriggeierforening (NBF), later Norsk Offshoreforening (NOF) before joining the Norwegian Shipowners??? Association.

The cooperative was dissolved at an extraordinary meeting on November 22, 1983 and the foundation ???North Sea Drilltrainer??? was founded at that same meeting.

Each of the following organisations was requested to appoint a member to the board:

  • Ministry of Church and Education
  • Norwegian Institute of Technology
  • Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  • Norwegian Employers??? Confederation
  • Norwegian Offshore Confederation
  • Norsk Operat??rselskapers Arbeidsgiverforening (Confederation of Norwegian operator companies).

The representation of the board has changed since its original inception.

Following the purchase of Transocean Training Centre (TTC) in June 1999, the foundation initialized new activities, one of those being the establishment of a technical college. On January 1st, 2000, the name of the foundation was changed from North Sea Drilltrainer to the Norwegian Centre for Offshore Education, or NOSEFO.

Drilling and pressure control training commenced in 1976 in Tananger.

Safety and emergency preparedness training was started on Tau in 1986 and in Bergen in 2003.

The purpose of the foundation is to train personnel for Norwegian petroleum, maritime and land-based industries. The foundation???s organisation and facilities can also be used for other purposes, be they development, research or training. Tau and Bergen concentrate on safety and emergency preparedness training.