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NOSEFO - Norwegian Center for Offshore Education

Norwegian Center for Offshore Education (NOSEFO) is an ideal foundation with offices in Tau and Bergen whose goal is to train personnel for Norwegian petroleum, maritime and land-based industries.

Nosefo offers a fixed base of regularly held courses, while also tailoring training courses to the individual client by request.

We have a broad client base, with representatives from large international offshore companies to local power companies and kindergartens. What nearly all our course participants have in common are positions of responsibility that require qualified training.

Our location allows us to provide training for course participants close to their departure.

Nosefo Bergen, 5 min. walk north from the pier, Bryggen. [se map]
Address: Bontelabo 8A, 5003 Bergen | Phone: 55 11 70 00 ??? 05241

Nosefo Stavanger in Tjensvoll (vis-a-vis Solborg Folkehøyskole). [see map]
Address: Tjensvollveien 44, 4021 Stavanger | Phone: 51 74 06 20 - 05241

Nosefo Tau in Nordmarka at Tau in Strand municipality. [see map]
Address: Breivikvegen 25, 4120 Tau | Phone: 51 74 06 20 - 05241